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We offer two collaboration models and a wide range of capabilities aimed at providing the reliability of a design department for about the cost of a design salary. Our goal is to do the most good for the least effort (i.e. cost). Pricing varies depending on the situation.

Augmented Team

Strategic partnership for ongoing needs. A design (and related marketing) department for the cost of a design salary. This macro engagement allows us to dedicate hours on a monthly basis to execute and advise — predictably, efficiently, flexibly, and affordably. (Minimum engagement 3 months.)

Starting from $8,000/month

  • Augment your team with dedicated, embedded expertise
  • Deep, long-term familiarity allows us to act as advisors and work more efficiently and independently
  • Predictable cost: fixed billing and no change orders
  • No commitment, monthly billing
  • Discounted pricing, no-scope padding, and no project ramp-up save you money thrice

Fixed Project

When you know what you need, then you need no more. You have a specific need in mind and would like to partner on a fixed-fee, project-by-project basis. Projects may include brand strategy, branding / logo design, website, printed marketing materials, copywriting, content strategy, and much more!

Starting from $25,000

  • We work with you to define the best solution given your need, budget, timeline, company, and team
  • Configured to include any of our design or marketing services
  • Dedicated project management
  • Structured to include as many revisions as you request
  • Flexible timeline allows for rush jobs
  • Fixed pricing = no surprises!

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